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Sponsorship of the Whitlam Orthopaedic Research Centre provides an opportunity for your organization to be linked to the Centre. Recognition of the sponsor will be displayed on the website, and on presentations, stationery and publications, depending on the level of sponsorship, as outlined below. As with direct donations, sponsorships are tax deductible in Australia.

  • Bronze Sponsor
    $1,000 - $9,999 apply apply
  • Silver Sponsor
    $10,000 - $99,999 apply apply
  • Gold Sponsor
    $100,000 & over apply apply

How to become a sponsor

Sponsorships are for a minimum of 12 months, and can be made by contacting the Centre by using the links above, or via the Contact page of this website.

Bronze level sponsorship is for amounts of between one thousand and ten thousand dollars and the numbers of sponsors on this level is not capped. Bronze level sponsors are entitled to have their organisation listed as a sponsor on the website and the Annual Report. The website presence will also include a logo, and a link to the organization’s website, on both the Links and Research page.

Silver level sponsorship ($10,000 – $99,000) provides the benefits of Bronze level sponsorship, as well as a minimum of 3 months as the Featured Sponsor on the home page, and acknowledgement on all presentations and non-research publications from the Centre. Silver level sponsorship is limited to a maximum of four organizations at any one time.

Gold level sponsorship is for amounts of $100,000 and greater. It provides the benefits described above for 24 months, as well as a title page logo on all presentations, and listing as a Principal Sponsor on the website, and all publications. Academic publications may list the Principal Sponsor as being a sponsor for the research. More than one Gold level sponsor may be accepted at one time, by negotiation with the Centre and the sponsors.

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