• The ACORN is a multicentre registry that aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of joint replacement surgery by monitoring and evaluating patient reported clinical outcomes after surgery.
  • The registry will enable improvements in care by:
  • * Identifying characteristics and co-morbidities that place people at risk of poor outcome after joint replacement
  • * Monitoring rates of key complications, such as VTE and infection, that require management, reoperation or hospital readmission
  • * Providing a better understanding of the relationship between co-morbidities and other potential risk factors, and outcomes
  • * Identify high performing sites and investigate reasons for superior outcomes
  • * Identify and investigate variation in patient-reported outcomes to improve understanding of differences
  • * Use data to improve the quality of arthroplasty surgery

Benefits of Participation 

  • Improve future outcomes by using data to monitor, identify, and address gaps in quality care
  •  Identify strengths and weaknesses by comparing outcomes of current practice
  • Enhance quality and efficiency by using data to make decisions
  • Join a community of clinicians driven by a desire to provide quality health care
  • \Interact with peers to create opportunities to share quality improvement strategies
  •  Data can be used to inform outcomes after surgery


Participation Criteria 

  • Be able to collect and submit preoperative and acute care data for all eligible participants
  • Identify a nominated Site Coordinator to liaise with Registry staff about data quality and completeness
  • Work with ACORN staff to obtain the necessary ethics and research governance approvals
  • Provide the patient information sheet to all eligible participants and answer any questions they may have about the registry
  • Enable independent assessment of number of surgeries performed
  • Agree to the funding model of ACORN


How to Participate

Contact the Registry Coordinator: +61 2 8738 9252

Complete the participation form and fax to +61 2 9602 7187 or email to arthroplastyregistry@worc.org.au

Once received a member of the Steering Committee will contact the Orthopaedic Surgeon Head of Department to discuss participation.

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