• The ACORN is a multicentre registry that aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of joint replacement surgery by monitoring and evaluating patient reported clinical outcomes after surgery.
  • The registry will enable improvements in care by:
  • * Identifying characteristics and co-morbidities that place people at risk of poor outcome after joint replacement
  • * Monitoring rates of key complications, such as VTE and infection, that require management, reoperation or hospital readmission
  • * Providing a better understanding of the relationship between co-morbidities and other potential risk factors, and outcomes
  • * Identify high performing sites and investigate reasons for superior outcomes
  • * Identify and investigate variation in patient-reported outcomes to improve understanding of differences
  • * Use data to improve the quality of arthroplasty surgery


The committees overseeing ACORN consist of people from different backgrounds. Clinicians include nurses, allied health professionals, and surgeons. There is a pathway to consult consumer organisations and a plan for expanding stakeholder representation on the committees.

ACORN is governed by a Steering Committee that provides oversight and direction to the registry. It functions to:

  • Provide oversight of the scope, development, and implementation of ACORN
  • Advise and agree on strategies for sustainability of ACORN
  • Review the objectives of the registry and ACORNs ability to meet these objectives
  • Provide oversight to the development of policies to address clinical issues identified by the registry
  • Monitor and advise on the registry’s data collection process, management of data quality and the analysis and reporting of data
  • Oversee and review the establishment of policies for access to and use of data
  • Review publications arising from the use of registry data
  • Review and advise on risk management strategies and communications with all stakeholders

A Management Committee exists to address day to day activities of the registry and to provide secretariat functions for the Steering Committee. 

Steering Committee Members
Professor Ian Harris
Dr Richard Walker
Dr Rami Sorial
Ms Juliette Proctor
Dr Justine Naylor
Dr Robert Molnar
Dr Samuel Macdessi
Ms Elizabeth Armstrong

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